Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pixel Penis Tote: the Painting

At this point I've laid down every square of paint and it's just a matter of colour adjusting. The only way I can tell if a colour is right, is when in context with its surrounding colours. I'm going to give myself a couple days break from this painting to detach myself from it before I start to tamper with the brightness/ darkness and dullness/vibrancy with a refreshed set of eyes.
I'm really please with how sculptural the painting has become.
It's goopy, gloopy and thick. Just the way I like it.
oil on wood panel, 14x14

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Wubbles You.

I made this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Wanted him know how much I wubbled him and how much of a nerd I was. But since it's February, I'll turn it into a card so you can also use it for valentines day.

Wookie + the Hubble TelescopeHere it is in it's new home, surrounded by si-fi/fantasy/lgbt literature.
16x12 acrylic on wooden panel.