Saturday, June 23, 2012

Braid Your Ass Hairs

  I know it's not father's day any more, but you can give him one of these cards as an apology for not getting him a card when you were suppose to.  

Y'all can pick one of these guys up from my booth at this year's Toronto Pride.
Friday June 29th, Saturday June 30th, and Sunday July 1st
 at the corner of Gloucester St. + Church St.

"I want to braid your ass hairs with my tongue."

digital print, 4x6

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pixel Penis/ Vagina Tote Bags

The Pixel Penis and Pixel Vagina tote bags are finally completed! 

I've had the idea to make these bags for quite some time and now that I've got a few made I wanted to show them off to everyone. Half a year ago I first posted the images of the un-pixlated vagina / penis and since then, I've completed an oil painting, got some test swatches (from SpoonFlower) mailed to me, gathered my materials and at long last... I have tote bags!

Every bag is hand crafted and made from scratch. Meaning I cut, ironed, pined and sewed it all up by myself.

These guys will be on sale at Toronto Pride 2012 so come and see me at my little booth June 29th, 30th and July 1st

canvas/linen tote bags, 14x14x4" aprox. with 27.5" straps.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Canadian Hunk: RCMP

This is the first of four hunky Canadian post cards I made for this summer.  

Leading the way, and gallant as every is the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). 
Saddle up!
digital print, 4x6

Friday, April 20, 2012

C.U.M. Rag (female)

Ladies and gentlemen (and everything in between), I present to you my Cotton Utility Mess Rag!
("C.U.M. Rag" for short). 
Perfect of all your stick messes, this 100% cotton rag is the environmentally friendly alternative to disposable tissues and a great way to make sure your toes don't get sticky when you mix up your socks.

 A special thanks goes out to my lovely lady models: Cindy, Penny, India and Gabrielle. I promise that I haven't sold your photos and videos to people over the internet.

10x10, wacom tablet in photoshop

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Strap ons

Strap Ons

Just some 9 3/4" tall wooden penis heels with Japanese bondage-straps and suede fringe pubes. No biggie.
Only available in U.S womens size 10-15. (U.S. mens 8-13)
oil on wood panel, 12x16

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pixel Penis Tote: the Painting

At this point I've laid down every square of paint and it's just a matter of colour adjusting. The only way I can tell if a colour is right, is when in context with its surrounding colours. I'm going to give myself a couple days break from this painting to detach myself from it before I start to tamper with the brightness/ darkness and dullness/vibrancy with a refreshed set of eyes.
I'm really please with how sculptural the painting has become.
It's goopy, gloopy and thick. Just the way I like it.
oil on wood panel, 14x14

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Wubbles You.

I made this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Wanted him know how much I wubbled him and how much of a nerd I was. But since it's February, I'll turn it into a card so you can also use it for valentines day.

Wookie + the Hubble TelescopeHere it is in it's new home, surrounded by si-fi/fantasy/lgbt literature.
16x12 acrylic on wooden panel.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pixel Penis Tote: work in progress

alright, so heres my plan:
ill be taking both my digital penis/ vagina images, pixelating them, then printing them onto tote bags! so from across the street, you'll see a massive penis bobbing along, but when youre close enough to talk to someone, itll just look like a bunch of squares and no ones the wiser. hilarious! first i gessoed and gridded a wood panel, then loosely block out the shapes with acrylic.
then just after i began painting i decided the resolution on my reference photo was too high. the penis was too easily distinguishable from across the room. where i was more intrigued by the interplay between wearer/ observer in a public setting, like down the sidewalk. so i started again with larger pixels. (also, legendary gay pornstar michael brandon says hi. hes part of another project im working on.)
at this point, 43 out of 289 squares have been coloured. by the time im done this ill be a paint mixing master!
oil on wood panel, 14x14

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Drew A Penis!

ive had this little drawing done for a while, but just havnt had the time to post till now. hes the brother to my earlier vagina post. both of which are in the first steps of many in my greater toronto pride 2012 plans. so youll see more of these veiny, moist siblings soon.

(dont worry. this isnt a picture of my penis, its a frankenstein of 33 dicks)
here are some compositional sketches. after staring at so many penises for so long i sort of lost track of what was what. so i got my friends to vote. number three was a head above the rest.
i also forgot to take as many process screen shots but i think this gets the message across. and makes me seem very efficient.
photoshop with wacom tablet

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

daily sketch: 110 - auto erotic asphyxiation

auto erotic asphyxiation
graphite on watercolour paper, 8x11

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Drew A Vagina...

happy new year everyone!
some times when life blueballs you from artistic relief, you end up exploding with great ideas.
and boy do i have some fun ideas in my balls- i mean brain...

this year im planning to grab myself a booth for Toronto Pride 2012 so for the next little bit ill making some really funny products and posting the progress here.

this is just a part of my grand master plan:
i drew a vagina for my lovely lesbian friends, all two of you. (hi penny! hi mylo!) im also currently taking requests for more lesbian friends, as i am waif-like i need many strong protectors.
now painting this vagina was a little tricky. first of all: i dont know if you guys know this about me, but im gay. i can send all day looking at sloppy rosebuds on the internet but when it comes to vaginas im lost. and google wasnt much help either cause i had no idea what i was looking at. is this a picture of an attractive vagina? or one with an std? (and im not saying your lady bits are gross, im saying i needed to do some homework). so i built a mini gallery of 24 girls, frankensteined them together and: tada!

side note: i always had an extra tab open with a cock as a safety blanket.
photoshop with wacom tablet.