Friday, January 27, 2012

Pixel Penis Tote: work in progress

alright, so heres my plan:
ill be taking both my digital penis/ vagina images, pixelating them, then printing them onto tote bags! so from across the street, you'll see a massive penis bobbing along, but when youre close enough to talk to someone, itll just look like a bunch of squares and no ones the wiser. hilarious! first i gessoed and gridded a wood panel, then loosely block out the shapes with acrylic.
then just after i began painting i decided the resolution on my reference photo was too high. the penis was too easily distinguishable from across the room. where i was more intrigued by the interplay between wearer/ observer in a public setting, like down the sidewalk. so i started again with larger pixels. (also, legendary gay pornstar michael brandon says hi. hes part of another project im working on.)
at this point, 43 out of 289 squares have been coloured. by the time im done this ill be a paint mixing master!
oil on wood panel, 14x14

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