Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Drew A Vagina...

happy new year everyone!
some times when life blueballs you from artistic relief, you end up exploding with great ideas.
and boy do i have some fun ideas in my balls- i mean brain...

this year im planning to grab myself a booth for Toronto Pride 2012 so for the next little bit ill making some really funny products and posting the progress here.

this is just a part of my grand master plan:
i drew a vagina for my lovely lesbian friends, all two of you. (hi penny! hi mylo!) im also currently taking requests for more lesbian friends, as i am waif-like i need many strong protectors.
now painting this vagina was a little tricky. first of all: i dont know if you guys know this about me, but im gay. i can send all day looking at sloppy rosebuds on the internet but when it comes to vaginas im lost. and google wasnt much help either cause i had no idea what i was looking at. is this a picture of an attractive vagina? or one with an std? (and im not saying your lady bits are gross, im saying i needed to do some homework). so i built a mini gallery of 24 girls, frankensteined them together and: tada!

side note: i always had an extra tab open with a cock as a safety blanket.
photoshop with wacom tablet.

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  1. Neat tiling effect but kind of creepy - she looks cadaverous!