Friday, March 11, 2011

Queer as Folklore: Fag Hag

in my thesis: Queer as Folklore, i invent a series of modern day fables depicting the mythological origins of gay culture.

today's post goes out to all my lady friends (you know, the on
es ill never sleep with): Fag Hags!

this was the most time consuming image ive done for m
y thesis...yet...
the longer i worked on it, the more i realized how many elements i
was going to be juggling, and how ambitious things were becoming.

Fag Hag: the female (usually heterosexual) platonic best fr
iend of a homosexual male.

(heres also a handy dandy legend for all my non-LGBT friends to deciferpher the complex gay labeling system
bears: big, hairy, gay men.
gym bunnies: fit, body obsessed, gay men
polar bears: older, big, hairy, gay men
silver foxes: Anderson Cooper.
otters: skinny, hairy, gay men
sex pigs: kinky, fetish oriented, gay men
panda bears: big, hairy, asian, gay men)
this was where i was when i went in for my first critique...
and we came to the conclusion that what i had was too static and the entire composition needed to be rotated, to a 3/4's perspective...
digital print/ wacom tablet in photoshop, 11x17
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