Friday, December 24, 2010

Queer as Folklore: Goldstar/ Platinum Gay

in my thesis: Queer as Folklore, i invent a series of modern day fables depicting the mythological origins of gay culture.

this one comes to you just in time for the holidays. say hi to your mom for me!

Goldstar Gay: A homosexual male who has never had sex with a woman.
Platinum Gay: A Goldstar Gay who was born by cesarean section and has never touched a vagina.
digital print/ wacom tablet in photoshop, 11x17
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1 comment:

  1. !!! i can't wait to see your entire thesis at the end of the year. your concepts are absolutely brilliant!
    if you decide to make prints of these, i'll definitely buy the whole set!!
    i love the colours of this one, and you get such a great texture from the paper you printed on! is it canson? i love that intense yellow glow you were able to get even after printing it!!