Monday, December 13, 2010

Queer as Folklore: Beard Weaver

its winter break!
the first semester of my thesis year has come and gone and now ive finally got time to update this here dust sequenced blog! its been an insane amount of stress but its good stress, ya know? the kind of stress that doesnt let you sleep or eat much but leaves you dry heaving sobs of happiness... i hope you enjoy what ive got to show, and if not: then go jerk off to the naked photos your friends and colleagues inevitably have on the internet and come back when your not so pissy, god!

in Queer as Folklore, i invent a series of modern day fables depicting the mythological origins of gay culture.

here is the first illustration i completed for my sassy, sassy thesis, i call it: Beard Weaver

Beard: A title given to an individual who partakes in a pseudo heterosexual relationship that disguises the sexual orientation of their partner.
i.e: Sally is John’s beard.
digital print/ wacom tablet in photoshop, 11x17
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  1. Hi Yigi!
    This is awesome! You can tell it's a Yigi Chang creations :)