Sunday, April 19, 2009

work long and perspire

Drawing and Painting, paint yourself as an existing character wearing a costume, include a hand and a background.

oh man this project was a roller coaster! i really struggled with it and i thought id show you just how bad it got. i seriously thought i woke up and had all of my abilities to paint stolen while i slept. (btw, i choose sulu)
Attempt number 1, oil on canvas
Painting: Fail
Gangrene: Win
Attempt number 2: acrylic on canvas
Painting: Fail
Oompa Loompa: Win
Attempt number 3: acrylic on canvas
Painting: Epic Fail
WTF: Win
here are some detailed closeups to combat the abundance of failures
oil on canvas, 12x16


  1. omg this turned out amazing!!! honestly it was soooo worth re doing it!

  2. lol this is super cute- mt

  3. This turned out sooo well yigi, totally worth redoing it. Your final looks amazing, I love that hand!! And the teeth! :D

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  5. Yessss this rules. I love Star Trek.

  6. haha this post made me laugh out loud, love you boy. the final is spectacular. i saw you on In Fashion today!

  7. in fashion? was it the matthew williams line?