Saturday, August 14, 2010

hideous herbert: (chapter 1)

the book is done!
chapters in hideous herbert take the form of mini origami-envelopes. the act of opening an envelop reveals it's narrative
heres how the first chapter looks like:

“Don’t look at me! I’m so ugly!

One day I will become a beautiful

Butterfly, but for now I’m an ugly and

unlovable caterpillar. My only friend,

Sammy, is a little boy who rides on

my back. Some days he says nice

things to me and makes my

life hurt a little less…”

check out chapter 2

check out chapter 3

check out chapter 4

print, 23/4x21/16 (check out the W.I.P. for print 1)
chapters (closed), 27/8x23/4 (check out the W.I.P.)

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