Thursday, August 26, 2010

hideous herbert: (chapter 3)

chapters in hideous herbert take the form of mini origami-envelopes.
the act of opening an envelop reveals it's narrative
"Sammy! you found me! help I want to go home."
"I'm sorry Herbert, but I can't help. I'm not real."
"I don't like this game Sammy. Just come help me."
"Even the smallest little boy is still much larger than the biggest worm."
"I'm not a worm! I'm a caterpillar and one day I'm going to be a beautiful butterfly!"
"No Herbert, you're not. Your body is the mutated byproduct of pollutants and your
mental stability has been compromised from a lifetime of living under a hallucinogenic
mushroom. You're never going to be a butterfly and you're not even a proper worm."
"But my entire life I've wanted to fly!"
"If you ask me: that bird was doing you a favor."

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prints, 2
3/4x21/16 (check out the W.I.P. for print 3)
chapters (closed), 2
7/8x23/4 (check out the W.I.P.)

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